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Perks of Having a Fitness Center in Your Apartment Community

Having a fitness center at your apartment community is a must that comes with a number of advantages! Here are a few perks you will get from your fitness center at The Fox Building in Hampden!
  1. You will actually go – One of the main reasons people skip their workout is that they just want to get home after a long day at work. If your apartment has a fitness center, you will no longer be able to use that as an excuse to skip your workout!
Fitness Center at The Fox Building
  1. You will save money – Having a fitness center included in your rent means that you’ll be able to cancel your gym membership, which will save you money every month! Not to mention the money you’ll save in gas getting to and from!
Fitness Center at The Fox Building
  1. You will save time – Getting to and from the gym can take up a decent amount of your time. That time also makes for a great excuse for not going. When your fitness center is at home, there goes another excuse to skip your workout!
Fitness Center at The Fox Builing
  1. You might make new friends – Apartment Fitness Centers tend to be more intimate than larger, mainstream gyms. Which means you are likely to find yourself working out with other residents who keep your workout schedule. Not only could this lead to new friendships, but your newfound workout buddy may also hold you more accountable when it comes to showing up for your workout sessions.

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash
  1. It’s less intimidating – Another perk to a more intimate workout environment is the lack of gym-timidation. When the only other people sharing the fitness center with you are your friendly neighbors, you’ll be less self-conscious and more willing to go, regardless of your level of fitness or knowledge of the machines.
Photo by Danielle Cerullo on Unsplash

What’s another reason you love having a fitness center at The Fox Building? Let us know in the comments!